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Action Produces Information and Decisiveness is Just as Important as Deliberation. “In theory, the most difficult challenge in decision making is making the right decision. In practice, I’ve found that the most difficult challenge in decision making is executing a decision you do not want to do.”

Why Is This Idiot Running My Engineering Org? “When people begin to take on leadership roles eventually they have to decide how they are going to handle fear. When you are the leader, you are the person who is held accountable for failure. The higher up you go, the more you are accountable for and the less you have control over it. Trust in you team is important, but your perception and acceptance of risk even more so. Leaders with a low tolerance for risk do not become leaders with a high tolerance for risk if you change their employees looking for trustworthy ones. Everybody wants to have this implicit, instinctual, don’t-need-to-think-about-it-and-never-doubt-it-for-a-second trust. That’s the gold standard. But most relationships of trust are formed because you just choose to set aside your doubts and trust, not because you have these great reservoirs of faith.”

Remote teams and the half-life of social capital. “We all know that being nice to each other is better than being mean. It seems self-evident. So it’s reasonable to wonder: Why bother thinking about this at all? Is it all mere academic over-thinking?”

Magnitudes of exploration. “Fewer technologies support deeper investment in each, and reduce time spent on cross-technology integration. Narrow standards simplify the process of writing great documentation, running effective training, providing excellent tooling, etc.”